Social Media Management :202

Happy Monday Folks!!! 

No worries, Monday’s aren’t my favorite day of the week either lol.  I’m sure you’ve been keeping your personal Twitter, Facebook & Instagram updated allll weekend!  But what have you done for your business laaaate- ly???!!!

Check out a few more random uber easy tips to get your company’s social media networks up & running at full steam! Of course it takes time to build an organic & true following online. Let alone, see improvements in E-commerce or more dollar signs period – Keep in mind that  businesses can achieve the unthinkable through social media! Stay optimistic & creative my friend!

Here we go!

IPromotional Posts. By linking with other similar real company’s that are within your industry, it expands your business’ audience & market. Exchange business services by using social media to promote each other. Your business comes off competitor friendly plus your brand can be introduced into a completely new audience…Winning!

II. Keep a schedule. Try to plan content post at least a week in advance. Research & determine the times of day people frequent your company’s social media. Keep a schedule of what & when posts go live on each social network. It helps keep your post consistent & effective opposed to annoying and boring <– BOOO!. By keeping a schedule, you can understand the movement of your audience which can, in turn ignite great engagement between your business and your core audience.

IIIMake it a group effort. Encourage other members of your business to partake in the company’s social media accounts. It’s a fun &  excellent way to show different facets of the company while still using one voice through social media. Tip! Posting will run smoothly if posting content is scheduled & prepared ahead of time. See above kiddo!

IV. Prioritize networks. There are sooooo many social media platforms to choose from these days! From a professional & business perspective, a business does not have to participate in every one, there’s simply no need to. Choose at least 2-3 that work well for your company. Read reviews, those help too! Use the networks that’ll help your  business connect with the world in the simplest way possible. Be sure to consider website connectivity, image & video sharing, mobile, fees & user friendliness.

V. Figure out a way to tie Social with Sales! At the end of the day, we’re all in it for the money honey! For your business to truly succeed through social media, someone has to figure out how to tie in social media current events & trending posts with the services your business has to offer. This may sound difficult at first, but just remember to be creative & keep it short. Tip! Check out how the big name companies in your industry use their social media networks to engage with their audience. Take notes on the blueprint, don’t try to re-invent the wheel. 😉

Have any questions or interested in obtaining social media management for your business? Let us know, we can help!!! 


✌ Alexia


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