Black Girls CODE: Imagine. Build. Create.

Recently I cam across this amazing non-profit organization, Black Girls CODE. Through workshops, school  programs, and community outreach, they invite young  girls of color  between the ages of 7-17 years old to learn coding, programming & game design. Similar to STEM, to whom they also do integrated courses with, this program instills not only a love for technology into these young ladies, but self confidence as well. Slowly but surely erasing the digital divide that now exists. Teaching them to be fearless game changers in technology! Learn more on their Indie GoGo page!

Amazingly awesome, right?! In the spirit of Black Girls RockI felt that this non profit is something that everyone should definitely know about. They’re based in the bay area of California, specifically San Francisco. Their next event will be held in Miami, FL. To find out about their next upcoming courses, or how you can volunteer, hit the jump good people!

San Francisco


New York


Las Vegas


Get involved!!! Volunteer for Black Girls CODE: Here!


✌ Alexia


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