Social Media Management :303

As always, a new week is upon us good people!!! We all have this beautiful thing called ‘Life’  happening all around us every second, every day. It’s quite normal for things not to go as planned from time to time. Happens to the best of us. Yet, you’re more than likely always guaranteed another set of 24 hours, tomorrow 😉

When establishing & maintaining a small business online, staying motivated is key. While being easier said than done, creating checklists, completed task forms, and content & posting calendars is imperative in order for your business to achieve a solid online following. Below are a few unorthodox tips for managing your company’s social media.

IHunt for new clients.  By by consistently creating & engaging in conversations, making your brand part of the story, people take notice! After all, your business is an extension of yourself. It’s an absolute way of leaving people wanting to know more & inquire about your services. Whenever possible & appropriate, refer to current clients and highlight their growth as well.

II. Highlight your offerings! Social media platforms offer an additional channel to market your products & services in a friendly and organic way. You can shine a spotlight on products and what makes your business awesome within the context of a normal conversation – not a sales pitch. You also have the opportunity to answer questions, reveal features & offer how-to advice to help social media fans get to know you a lot better!

IIIHang out with influencers. Identify a business owners you admire. Research them. All of them. Place yourself in environments where likely people socialize, business build, and network. As Jim Rohn said it best – we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with. Salesman, entrepreneurs and all successful people know that.

IV. Book speaking gigs. Can you take the spotlight? When looking for event speakers, universities, conference organizers, reporters, etc. aim for people who are both trusted and successful within their industry. With the help of technology and social media, you can now quickly become both.

V. BLOG Dammit! No matter the service of your business, blogging platforms attracts a great amount of foot traffic for any site. There’s no right or wrong way to blog. The best way is to share blog links on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook & Pinterest. Simply talk about the latest service your business has to offer or even product reviews! Be creative good people!

Have you been trying out our social media management tips? Comment below or email us & tell us what you think? 


✌ Alexia


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