Social Media Management :404

LinkedIn On 10!

It’s quite simple. The purpose of social media is to interact & communicate with folks. We often sign up and think long & hard on a user name & profile pic all while dismissing the key purpose. LinkedIn is an awesome social media tool for jobseekers and entrepreneurs alike. To gain something from LinkedIn, it’s important to know & understand that approaching this social media site like any other (ie: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) is the first right step in the wrong direction. When establishing your professional presence on any platform, online or not, it’s important to be passionate & aggressive.

Think Bruce Lee, and the attributes that made him a such dynamic fighter: Simplicity, clarity, effectiveness, focus & commitment. Applying those characteristics while cultivating & developing a professional online presence will have you doing a Bruce Lee flying kick in no time! WAAATAAAAAHHHH!!! (kidding people, kidding!)

Below are a few  tips & suggestions that’ll help you optimize your LinkedIn profile & make it easier to connect & network like mind and business individuals. But remember… don’t follow the finger or you will miss all of that heavenly glooooorrryyy!

i. Fill in the information & upload a professional photo. You can easily be overlooked by potential employers & business partners simply by skipping questions that may take a little time to fill out. Just do it already, jeeez! While most people don’t, it’ll give you the upper hand plus it gives a better view of your professional history. By no means, do you need a professional headshot for LinkedIn. Just a basic light, solid color wall and a business style shirt… SMILE!!! (*camera flash*)

ii. Get involved in groups or discussions. Insert yourself into the conversation! Share links that are relative to your industry & craft. In the caption section, share your opinion. Ask what others think? Remember to keep it professional, this is one way of adding a personable touch to your professional profile.

iii. Get recommendations! Connect with people who know you AND your work; previous supervisors, co-workers, clients, business partners, etc. Have them recommend and endorse skills you have and projects you’ve worked on. The more, the merrier! Plus, it expands your LinkedIn network also!

iv. Set & confirm visibility settings. On LinkedIn, people can see what profiles, individual or company, you’ve visited. Don’t be that guy/gal : /

v. Personalize your LinkedIn page. Brag a little! Share links to all the great things you’ve been apart of thus far. You can upload decks, photos & portfolios. Present projects that shows how your involvement increased the numbers in a positive way for your employer or business. Be creative & shine! There’s a difference between talking about what you can do, and showing what you can do. Definitely, be THAT guy/ gal!

vi. Skip the key word stuffing. Instead of using a large number of vaguely relevant words to show up in hundreds of search results, chose three or four top key words you want to be associated with to make sure you show up in search results when people are looking for exactly what you offer.

vii. Add a personalized note with every connection request you send. See someone whose business profile you admire or would  like to work with in the future? When sending a request, be sure to briefly introduce yourself and state the purpose of you wanting to connect. It usually works out better than just sending an empty connection request. Stay away from the default message. Quick, delete that junk!

viii. Convey your successes, not your responsibilities. Distinguish yourself by conveying what is unique about you. With each position, explain how you confronted your responsibilities, what you did, how you did it, what obstacles you overcame and the results you achieved.

 ix. Do. Not. Lie. Be & stay honest. Everything can be verified. Everything. Don’t be that guy/ gal : / K? K.

x. Volunteer much? If so, add it to your experience. Believe it or not, it’s valuable, meaningful & purposeful work and speaks wonderfully on your work ethic, personality & character!

✌ alexia


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